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1st Day : Canada - Mexico

In the early morning , take the non-stop International flight travels from Canada to Mexico City . After arriv al, pre-reserved driver and cars will meet you up at the airport. Take direct transfer to the famous International Anthropology Museum. Lunch will be at local Museum Restaurant. Through the visit of Museum's collections, we may get to understanding the Mexico culture better. All the excavations will be collected into this museum. Many special collections can be found at Maya Culture Centre and Aztecs Culture Centre . Then transfer to the Historical Culture Centre. Tour in the front of the President Palace , and visit and get to know the Autochthonic culture. There are also some buildings were built up during Spanish governance time. Afterwards, visit the National Catholicism Church . It is a 16 th centenary building. Pass through the Constitution Square , there is autochthonic dancing performance. Walking in the 16 th “New Spanish” Political Centre, you may see Modern Latin America Tower , and new building – National Arts Centre, was renovated from the European Opera House. Today's itinerary is ended here. Afterwards, transfer to Chinese restaurant for dinner; then drop off at hotel.

2nd Day : Mexico City

H otel breakfast , and transfer to a Culture Centre which combined three different cultures. Visit the Temple , the historical remains. It is a 16 th Baroque style construction. It is also the first university setup by communion at the time that Latin America was colonized by Spanish. After that visit, transfer to the Guadalupe Temple, which was one of the places that Blessed Virgin presented. Since the stratification sink, this building is currently looking like being almost collapsed. There is a miracle that our lady's cloak with Blessed Virgin's picture painted on hasn't putrefied after 400 years. It is hanging in the church now. After get to know the religions here, departure for Aztecs historical remains. Special lunch buffet arrangement is prepared by those Aztecs. After lunch, continue trip to visit Teotihuacan . It is a ruin which has been covered by sand for over thousand years. Many people were disappeared from here. Besides there are also chances to see some famous pyramids, streets and architectures, carves and colored pattern on china. You can explore a lot of miracles. At the end of today's tour, group will be transfer to Mexico city for dinner and drop off at hotels.

3rd Day : Mexico City — Cuernavaca — Taxco

After breakfast, check out hotel and riding over Highway 95 towards Cuernavaca, this is a place spring all years around, and was a summer resort for kings. Another place to visit is the house of the General who leaded the troop for Spanish. Then transfer to Texco. This is a place has been certified by UNESCO as all human protect area. This is also a very famous mineral place at Spain colonizing time. City is established in 16 th century. It locates at the hillside and full filled with European style. You may enjoy the silver handworks. Also you may visit St. Pisco church. Night stays at Monte Taxco.

4th Day : Taxco — Acapulco

fter breakfast, check out hotel and leave this silver city Taxco drive towards well-known city – Acapulco . This city is known as an international port going through Asia . Besides, there are beautiful beach and sunshine. After arrival this city, transfer to hotel to take a break. In the afternoon, group transfer for city tour. Visit strongpoint construction, now it belongs to National Museum . There are lots of oriental excavations in this museum. After visit museum, transfer to the top of the mountain. You may enjoy the beautiful beach view and city view from this spot. Then depart for La Quebrada. There is the cliff flees diving exhibition. Some young people fearless jumped from 35M high mount down right through the ocean. Dinner time is at local hotel. Night stays at Playa Suite.

5th Day:Acapulco

After breakfast, delegates may participate into the aquatic activities. (Some projects may have extra charges): Extraction Parachute, Aquatic Motorcycle, Banana Boat, Sand Beach Surfing, and Deep Sea Diving as well as Sea fishing and so on. Also people may walk around at town center for shopping. There is good opportunity to purchase the great quality and reasonable price gifts, as well as to enjoy the local city sceneries. Of course you may lie down at beaches and enjoy kinds of Mexican Tequila and world’s well-known crown beer CORONA, as well as all kinds of delicious food hotel prepared.

6th Day:Acapulco—Mexico

After hotel breakfast, check out hotel and departure for Hightown through Highway95. After arrival, transfer directly to the Watertown. This is a town full filled with a different culture. Taking the poled skiff with beautiful decoration on, and drifting on the lovely canal bring you such amazing feelings. At the Mexican National University, you would appreciate those big murals. Dinner is at local Chinese restaurant. It’s for sure that delegates may self-serve to the Global well-know Mexico Open-air Musical Square GARIBARDI, which always has many musicians gathering here. You may get a chance to find some philharmonic orchestras in the square to sing a song for you.

7 th Day : Mexico City — Canada

fter breakfast, checkout hotel and transfer to airport. There is special arranged airport check in assistant by our company. Take international flight back to Canada . The whole trip is at the end.

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