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  Sunny Tours has been co-operating with Protocol for many years. Based upon assigner's request,
we may help to arrange Business Visits between Canada and China; to arrange various meetings and
discussions; to help arrange consultation with the local senior government officers and business
enterprises managers; to prepare Canada training (inspection) groups in order to promote the knowl-
edge of Canadian Government operations, social structure, economic system, technical develop-
ment, municipal construction and city culture customs to these delegates.

  The Protocol Company have established good cooperation relations with different Canadian govern-
ment departments, different enterprises, businesses corporations and school boards, universities.
Together with Sunny Tours Inc.'s strong group of reception workers and luxurious motorcade, we had
made great successes and brought happy memories for customers. Within the commerce fields, train-
ing programs, inspection projects and so on, our experience will be very helpful and we believe we
will still be capable to provide customers a thoughtful, high class, efficient, comfortable, convenient
and joyful travel plans and trips.

   Successful Cases

   Specialized Fields 

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