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Specialized Fields
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 Agriculture, Animal Husbandry

  Fruit cultivation technology and processing
  Aqua farm
  The animal husbandry and the lawn
improvement trains
  Agricultural high tech achievement industry
  Agricultural Development
  Agricultural Industry
  Agricultural Seeds Project and Development
 Grain Market
  Crops Disease Monitor/Forecast system
  Fertilizer Production Technology
  Investigation and intensify of Production

 Forest , B otanical G arden

  Forest Management
  Botanical Gardens Management
  Nature Reserve Management
  Forest Product Processing Technology,
Paper, Paper pulp
  Lawn Improvement

 Traffic: Bridges , Roads , Shipping

  Highways and Shipping Management
  Bridges and Roads Management
  Traffic I nformation C onstruction

 Municipal A dministration Management

 Environmental Protection
  City Garbage Classification Management
  The Sewage and Pollution Management
  Municipal A dministration
  City water resources, Water Environmental
  Coal mine Environmental Protection
  ISO1400 and Produce cleanly
  Urban planning
  The Environmental Protection Monitoring
  Disaster and Emergency Preparation
  Geothermic, Electricity Heating

 Occupation safety

  Occupation safety Examination Technology
  Safe Producing Management
  Safety in production supervision

 The medical health

 The medical service safeguards

  Medicine management
  Community Society Health and Hygiene
  Hygienic Defensive System
  Sanitary Supervision Law Enforcement
  The Medical Insurance serves

 The Society Safeguards

  The Society Safeguards Fund
  The Society Safeguards auditing
  The Employment Safeguards
  The Society Safeguards System
  The Society Safeguards Revenue
and Expenditure

 Civil administration

  Community c onstruction, the rescue services
  Registration Service
  Community Services
  Society Assist ant Plans
  Consultation Service
  Community Property Management


  Financial Stocks
  Finance and Accounting
  The Modern Commercial Bank Management
  Stock Market Construction
  Stock Management
  Bank Management
  Mid- and small-scale Enterprise financing
insurnace avoiding


  Environmental Audits
  Computer and Eco-Audits
  Expenditure Achievements
  Social Security Audits
  Government Management Efficiency Audits


  Local Government Taxes
  Property Taxes
  National Taxes
  Taxes Collection Innovation
  Taxes Inspection and Collection
  Transnational Taxes
  Taxes Avoidance and Anti-avoidance
  Taxes System Management
  Taxes Collection Management
  Property Taxes Collection Management

 Human Resources

  Human Resources Management and
  HR Development and Assessment
  Labor Forces System Transformation
  Various Industries HR Introduction and
  Commerce HR Development and
  Public HR Administration and Legal
System Establishment
  High-Level HR Management
  Executive HR Evaluation
  Business HR Evaluation
  HR Allocation Strategy
  Employee Training System

 Cival Servants

  Government Employment Examination
and Skills Training Objects
  Government Administration and Officers
  Government Cival Servants Classification

 News, Broadcasting, Print Media,

  Publisher Operation and Management
  Community Newspaper Functions
  Media Courses Settings
  Journalists Training
  Media Profession Training

 Intellectual Property Rights

  Intellectual Property Management
  Patent Transfer and Permission
  Industry Intellectual Property Rights



 I.T. Management

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